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Door Magnets (sometimes referred to as vehicle magnetics or vehicle mags) are the least expensive way a small company can advertise its brand and type of business.  But be careful!  First impressions will be a lasting one. Rely on Graphic Impact and our over 25 years in business.

Custom Car Magnets, Full Color and Photo Quality.


Door Magnets are the least expensive investment you can make for your business.  Our colors are more vivid and will “SHOUT OUT” your message.  They are more durable because we apply a clear coating that makes car magnets scratch resistance.  In the hot southwest environment, such as Tucson, this has been known to double the useful life of car magnets.

Our mags are printed with UV inks (6 color process not 4 color process) proven the most durable color system available.

Our Banners

Ways we extend the life and durability of door magnet signs.


We take pride in producing the best possible door magnetics and at one of the cheapest industry process.  Here’s why we’re better.

  • We are the manufacture and provide the best magnetic material possible.
  • The highest resolution makes a positive reflection on your reputation.
  • A UV clear coat (included at no extra charge) enhances the color and extends the durability
  • We match the color of vehicle magnetic with the color of your vehicle.




Design Custom Door Magnets on line.  Right Now!

Mag8Remember the design on your vehicle mags will be seen by 1,000’s of people daily.  Therefore you should put quite a bit of thought into your goals.  Ready?  And before you contact Graphic Impact visit where you can put together your own masterpiece by uploading your logo and  using our supplied type styles and graphics.  It easy and a lot of fun.

If your comfortable with your design, you can order directly from the website.  If not we’re always ready to help.  Just call 520-795-7446.




The Best Choice?  Vehicle Magnetics or Applied Graphics?

Mag11Five Questions That You Should Answer

  • Is this vehicle doing double duty? Public and private use.
  • Looking for a billboard or just identification?
  • Are you keeping the vehicle at least 3 years?
  • Will you be parking the vehicle where it can be seen?
  • A benefit if you can switch between multiple vehicles?





Some Helpful Tips for Installing Custom Vehicle Mags.


  • If your car magnets are not delivered flat,  place them on a flat surface such as a refrigerator before installation.
  • New paint must cure for 60 days.
  • The vehicle should be clean and dry before attaching a magnetic
  • Door magnetics must make direct contact with a metal surface.  Remember bondo, putty or vinyl car wraps will not work with magnetic signs.
  • The area to which you apply your magnet must be completely flat.





Cleaning Your Custom Door Magnets will Prolong Their Life.

Mag3Let’s start with a clean car.  But never, never let you car magnets go thru an automatic car.  Take them off and wash them separately.  If you followed our advice earlier, this will be an excellent time to clean the back of the car magnet thoroughly (with a very mild detergent). This makes the cleaning task much easier. Any dirt on the back of the mag can cause scratches to the car’s surface.
If the surface of the mag has any imperfections, lay on a flat surface overnight to make sure it lays flat.